Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Eagles and Things

We were out yesterday afternoon and got to see two Bald Eagles --- up close!  They were right on the road, one across from the other.  I bet we weren't 20 feet from either one.  They were huge.  We watched them both for a while and then we had to get back to work.  No, I didn't have my camera.  When will I learn?

I am busy sorting kid's books.  I have 14 boxes of brand new books --- cost something like $9000.00.  It's a teacher's dream!  The only thing is that we don't have book shelves. 

I got my book for my oceanography class that I will be starting next week online.  It's paperback, used and it cost me $105 from Amazon.  It was going to be $140-160 new.  It's only about 400 pages.  It sure makes me wonder what books would cost if I ever get to take more than 6 hours.  I'm taking Intro. to Oceanography and Educational Technology this semester.  I want to get my elementary endorsement on my Alaskan certificate.  Only 42 more hours to go!

I am still cooking.  Not happy about it, but I'm doing it.  The kids are great about it.  They eat, they clean up and they ALWAYS come to tell me, "thank you."  I would just much rather be in the classroom all day. 

Also, I am feeling much better.  I took some Ny-Quil Sunday afternoon and slept a lot.  Don't know if I was just tired or what.  Of course, since I slept, nothing much got done as far as putting tubs and boxes away.  I am utterly amazed at how much stuff we sent to Pedro Bay.  My recipes have not shown up.  They were my mom's and my grandma's.  That makes me very sad.  They were treasures to my heart.

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