Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We're in Pedro Bay

We left Anchorage yesterday at 3:15 and arrived in Pedro Bay an hour later. Rebecca (school board member), her son and another lady met us at the airport. We got everything up to the teacher housing and then turned around and they left us by ourselves. We were exhausted.

The apt. was hot so we turned down the heat. Big mistake. It was on a timer. Then we could only get into our "empty" apartment and the itinerant apartment next door. The keys wouldn't work on the the other big apartment where all our stuff has been stored. AUGGGHHH.... no bedding, no towels, no food (besides what we had brought in on the plane) and then no hot water. We put away what little we brought with us and went to bed. THEN we woke up to a sound like someone was banging on the whole house. That has happened several more times --- I think it might be the furnace. Still scared us, though.

This place is gorgeous. The mountains are right here on us. The lake is just below us. The trees are plentiful and everything is sooooo green. The school is relatively new and simply wonderful. It really is nice.

In case I didn't put this on facebook ---- I will be the new cook for the school. That means cooking for about 10 students and then some elders, too. I will be teacher aide in the afternoons. I've signed up to take 6 hours this fall to work on my teacher certification. We have spent a good portion of today working in the kitchen. Dry goods were already here. Freezer stuff will arrive any day now.

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