Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Basics

Note --- Vacation pics. Mt. Rushmore. It was a beautiful park. We all think everyone should see it if you get a chance. The Girl says it's much smaller than it looks in movies.
Message for the day:
Hot water. Food. Blankets. Pillows. Oh, the comforts of life!!! Now we have them, too. Late yesterday afternoon the Girl said to me, "Mom, these windows were open when we came in yesterday. Do you want to check the windows over at the other apartment?" Now remember that allllll our stuff that had been shipped was stacked up over in that other apartment. I said, "Yeah!!!" So my children learned how to take a screen off and crawl through a window to get into an apartment. We were soooo happy!
We opened every tub and finally found 2 pillows, pillowcases, a fitted sheet and a blanket. Oh, we found a camping pillow, too. It was wonderful. We all 3 crawled into the big bed and crashed. The Boy told me it was the best rest he had had since we got here. I reminded him it was only our second night and he insisted it was still the best. We do all feel better this morning after a better night of rest.

We went to the post office this morning. We still about 8 tubs to pick up. The mail lady was very nice and gave directions to the church and the dump.
We drove the loop (3miles) again just to see the salmon and maybe a bear ---- no bears today but the salmon are HUGE!!!! They are deep red/orange and actually look goldfish in the water. There are so many, too. It was hard to imagine how many fish there could be in such a small body of water and having seen it ---- it's still hard to believe! The water is just thick with fish.

The Mister will be home tomorrow. We are all ready for him to return. We feel lost without him. It will be a happy day for us all.

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