Friday, August 27, 2010

Through wind and rain, sleet and snow but not fog

I think the mail only come 3 times a week here.  The post office is open the other two days but if you've already gotten your mail..... too bad.  See ya tomorrow!

EXCEPT when there is fog.  Every window has lost its view --- the world has gone white.  I can see to the edge of the parking lot around the school.  I have been here since August 10.  That's 17 days.  More than 10 of those days have been lousy weather.  The villagers say it has been a wet, wet summer.  I'm hoping that it means we will get lots of snow!  The temp is 55 today.

We have finished another week of school.  The kids go from 8:30 to 3:15 everyday except Friday and they get out at 1:55 then.  The Mister and I get to stay and work.... until 4:00.

The Girl called yesterday.  She's taking Algebra I, English II, P.E. / Health, and Integrated Science.  Her first class doesn't begin until 9:40.  She thinks she's in heaven.  They are on a block schedule so her classes are an hour and twenty minutes long.  She wants to take chorus and Chinese, too. I don't know if that will work out or not. 

She has 3 roomates now and seems pretty happy.  This week she ran for student council and class president.  Apparently girls from her dorm nominated her.  She didn't get either one but I think she's making friends.

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