Friday, April 29, 2011

A little bit of everything

How is it that the last 3 months of school can go so fast and so slow at the same time?  We are down to less than 20 days before we are out for summer break.  Our last day of school is May 19 and then it's just until the plane comes!  Which could be at 12:00 noon or as late as 4:30 or not at all and we would have to fly out the next day --- just depends upon the weather.

We are staying in Alaska this summer.  We had planned for me to take some classes but now it looks like the Mister will be taking 2 to 3 classes for his master of leadership degree which will get him his principal's certificate.  I have syllabi and books for the classes I plan to take in the fall --so I'll spend the summer getting ready for those.

We are going to be in Anchorage until June 3 and then we're moving the trailer to Valdez for the month of June.  We are so excited.  It is just beautiful there and we need the peace and quiet.  The mister can connect with the university there for his classes.  We're hoping for long, boring days sitting out on the spit watching people fish for the salmon as they head inland. 

The Girl will be home next Friday -- the 6th.  We are really looking forward to seeing her.  January 8 was a LONG time ago.  I think she has had a good year.  I know she's learned a lot.  I know she has grown up a lot, too.  Most 15 year olds have a hard time doing their own laundry, keeping up with their own bank card and expenditures and getting the homework done but she has done it.  She even got herself up to go to church most Sundays.  That was impressive to me because not many in her dorm go to church and they sure don't go to the Baptist church!-- Which, did you know that the first pastor at Sitka Baptist was from Oklahoma?  Yep -- I think the church formed in 1959.

Tomorrow is graduation for Perryville School.  We have 3 graduating.  Everyone gets their certificates for passing levels of work and all 3 students are presenting a speech and a visual presentation.  Then there is a potluck afterwards.  The principal is here and the couselor for the south part of the district is here.  The plane just arrived --- they've been trying to get in since Wednesday.  The superintendent will fly in tomorrow with a principal from the northern end of the district who is giving the "big speech."  Everyone is getting excited.  This is a village celebration.  There will be a potluck and a dance after the program.

We are getting warmer and warmer however it did snow this week.  The whales are coming through our bay.  The beach apparently drops off very quickly and they like to come in close and roll through the black sand to get the barnacles off.  The mister saw one last week and he and the Boy have seen 2 or 3 seals.

Speaking of the Boy, he has finished several levels and feels very much at home here in Perryville.  He goes to Open Gym every night they have it and he has started waiting until the last session so he can play basketball with the high school boys and men from the village. The Mister and I were leaving school last week late and walked into the gym --- it took me a minute or two to realize that the Boy was out there playing with the big boys!  He'll be 13 in June and he's really growing up fast.

In case you're still reading --- and you wonder about "levels" ---- we are a standards based school district.  This means that every child works at his or her own pace-- more or less.  For instance, the Boy has finished the reading requirements for graduation but he still has 2 levels to finish for writing.  He will be finished with the math requirement by Christmas.  Once a student has reached the final levels they may continue to come to school but they are enrolled through the University of Alaska for distance learning.  The district pays for these classes.

I can't think of anything else.  Time is slow and fast.  So much to do.  You know, we were always bad in Holdenville to get into the van make it about 2 block and have to turn around and go back.  Out here, when you get in that plane, you'd better have EVERYTHING you need 'cause you're NOT going back!  Lots to plan for the summer!