Thursday, August 19, 2010

She was huge!

The Mister and I went out last night. We left the house at 10:00pm. It was gorgeous --- no rain, few clouds. (It has rained here everyday since we got here last Tuesday. School started and the weather is beautiful!)
We drove towards the airport. It's a three mile loop to the dump, the airport and the post office. We stopped out at the salmon pond. It's the end of the run for them. The red salmon left the Bering Sea and entered Bristol Bay. Then they swam up to Lake Iliamna, which is 90 miles longs and then they came into Pedro Bay. At that point they still had to make their way up the creek to the place where they were born. The water is thick with them. It's amazing. They are a dark but bright red. It is a perfect place for a bear to feast! Last night, after we turned off the motor, we just waited. Then, a face came out of the woods. She entered the water and I about came unglued!!! SHE WAS HUGE! And, she was still a long ways away from the truck. She looked us over --- my camera shrieked --- and then I guess she decided it was okay because she brought out her two cubs. It was a real Alaska experience. One of the cubs even stood up and looked at us. They didn't stay too long, though. It was over pretty quick. We're going back tonight.
The other picture is from our house. We sit up above the playground and look out over Lake Iliamna. The school building is actually over to the right.
Let me just say that my pics don't do this place justice. We are surrounded by mountains. Any direction is breath-taking. We are blessed to get to live here.

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