Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Supply a child / protect a village

My mind is absolutely swimming.  We have had our superintendent, our itinerant principal, and the district curriculum coach  as well as the itinerant special ed. teacher here all this week.  They have all been great.  They have searched high and low for materials for our students.  They have given us lots of pointers on how to do this job really well.  The Mister and I are feeling pretty good about things now.

The superintendent came to our village because we only have 8 students.  State regulations say we must have 10 students during the official count --- which is about 3 weeks in October.  If we don't find a way to increase our enrollment, the school will close in November.  Students in Pedro Bay will either have to move away or be home-schooled.

When the school closes several things will happen to the people in PB.  One of the main things is that the school will be off the power grid and electricity will skyrocket. People won't be able to afford electricity. 
The culture and village life in this area will die.

We have a health-aid position open here and the church needs a pastor.  Everyone hopes that those positions will be filled by people with families --- large, young families!

Some people are looking into foster care.  Others are calling neices and nephews.  Everyone is out looking for school children.  Anybody wanna come to Alaska?!  Housing is available!

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