Saturday, August 28, 2010


These pics were taken on my way back to Anchorage from Newhalen.  These are mountains between Pedro Bay and Kenai just before we started crossing the Cook Inlet.  The views were simply spectacular!!

We talked to the Girl, the Great-Grandmother and all the Grandparents this weekend.  I used the new phone on G-Mail to call my Grandma this afternoon.  It was great.  It was probably the clearest conversation we've had in a long time.  I tried call Montana this afternoon and the reception wasn't so great --- not sure if it was my computer or their cell phone...  The Girl called on her phone to the school.  We haven't called to put in a phone at the house yet.  It's so expensive to get someone out here and if the school's only going to be open until November... what's the point?  Besides we're supposed to have cell service here sometime in October.  The satellite receiver is already up just across from the school.  However, if the Girl doesn't start skyping us, we're going to have to up our minutes!  We've never gone over on our minutes --- no one seems to really want to talk to us!  But, now with her in Sitka, we may need to re-think our contract.

I refuse to re-read the above paragraph.  If it's poorly written and hard to follow, then just ignore it.

I don't feel well today.  I always wonder what I'm going to pick up from the students every year.  And, of course, what will they pick up from us.  When you live in an isolated place like this, germs seem a lot more important. Really, I think I'm just tired.  And the weather.... I think it makes me hurt, too. 

The Wilburton Grandparents are off in Wyoming this month.  Today they called and we chatted for a while.  They were on their way to eat.  A restaurant.  Hmmmm.... I miss restaurants.  And grocery stores.  I think I'll just go on home.  Not getting much done here anyways and thinking about those things makes my day a lot grayer.  Maybe we'll see a bear at the dump --- that's my date with the Mister nowadays!

Does anyone have a child they could send to Alaska for October?  Our school still needs help!!!

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