Monday, August 23, 2010

How far is far?

These pics were taken on my way to school the first day.  Gorgeous, huh?

Something that has always amazed me is how big the earth really is.  One way that I am made aware of this is by time zones.  Here in Alaska we have one time zone.  It puts us 3 hours behind the folks in Oklahoma.  But, here is what catches my attention.  The Girl has moved to Sitka so I checked on the weather.  While we have 51 degrees and clear weather, she has 55 degrees and lots of rain for this week.  She's also getting a wind advisory this morning that will last most of today.  Down at the bottom of the page is a list of sunrise and sunset times.  Our sunrise was at 6:51 this morning.  The Girl's sun rose at 5:45.  Tonight it will set at 9:45 here in Pedro Bay.  In Sitka it will set at 8:21.  A difference of about an hour and 25 minutes --- but we're in the same state!  It's a long ways from here to there.

A view from our house.

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