Tuesday, August 17, 2010

School Starts Tomorrow

My classroom is NOT ready. The kitchen is NOT ready. My mind is NOT ready. Can you tell I'm NOT ready?!

Time really does fly here in Pedro Bay. We've been here a week today and absolutely nothing is ready. The house is still a shamble. I have absolutely no idea where all those boxes came from or who sent all those tubs! WHY did I think we needed all that stuff?

The Girl is busy helping me with bulletin boards and moving furniture around. The Boy is helping his dad with trash hauling and he's helping me in the kitchen. My mind is racing and my body is in slow-motion.

We spent a couple of hours yesterday checking in new books for the little kids ---- $9000 worth! It took them 14 boxes to ship it to us. I have NO idea where we're going to put them all. Still, it's a librarian's dream!

A little about the school --- it's like a big square, cut into 3 main sections. Across one end is the gym. It's not full-size but it's nice. Through the middle are the restroom with lockers and showers. Also, the kitchen and storage areas go thru the middle. The other end is cut into 2 classrooms. The school is less than 10 years old and it is very nice. Everything seems to be in good shape and in working order.

I'm off to the kitchen. I'm expecting 1000 pounds of freezer items today on the plane - if the weather clears out. If it doesn't ---- no lunch tomorrow!

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