Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving and Birthdays

I don't know where the four-day weekend went!  It was over just like that...

We had brought a big turkey to Perryville when we moved because we didn't know if we would be able to get one out here.  We wouldn't have...  So, the Mister and I got up early on Thursday morning and put it into cook.  I made a pot of dressing and got my dough into rolls so they could rise.  I made jello and green peas.  Another teacher from school came over about 1:00 with home-made mac and cheese and a pumpkin pie with real cream.  What an excellent meal!

On Friday, the Boy and I put up the Christmas tree.  Then I got to thinking about how something didn't seem right .... no leftover dessert.... sooooo.... the Boy and I experimented and made pie dough.  Then, since pumpkin is his favorite, we made 2 pies.  WOW!  We're not bad at making pie!
Later, I wrote my paper for my oceanography class that I am taking as well as the 3rd test for the semester.  I will be so happy when that class is over!  It was a full day.

I guess Friday was full enough because I didn't want to do anything on Saturday.  I can't hardly remember the day.  I guess we had it, though.

Sunday was my birthday.  The Boy remembered it about mid-morning.  The Mister had ordered for my day but of course, it hadn't come in ---- it never does when you have a specific day you want it!  We ended up working at school most of the afternoon and went home to a dinner of chicken enchiladas and spanish rice with pineapple upside down cake.  I didn't wash a dish all day.

For anyone who is trying to call us.... you can't.  GCI is messed up all along the peninsula.  Everyone is having problems.  If you really want to talk.... email me and I'll call you. 
 polarbearbait  @  gmail.com
(without the spaces.)

We're in the countdown for the Girl to come home.  Only 17 more days !!!!  IF the weather cooperates.

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