Thursday, November 18, 2010

Perryville, AK

We arrived in Perryville on Sunday, Nov. 14 at 4:15 pm.  WOW!  There is black sand everywhere.  It right on the coast.  There's a volcano behind our house and water in front.  There's even a tsunami shelter up the road from our house.  Some big rock islands jut up out of the water in front of the village.  The mountains around us have snow.  There are alder bushes and a "few" trees.  It is a truly beautiful place.

The teachers met us at the plane.  Again, we were so thankful for the help.  We got everything off the plane and he took off.  I went to the housing first and it is great.  We have terrific views of the ocean and village.  The old Russian Orthodox church is in front of us.  We are about 100 yards from the school -- if that far.  We have a good boardwalk so it's an easy walk.

I will be teaching in the K-3 class.  I have 7 kids.  The Mister is subbing for the head teacher.  He has 6-12 graders and there are about 14 of them.  He'll be covering social studies and English.

The Boy is happy here.  He has gone to gym night and he's gotten started with his classes. 

The people here have been just as nice as the Pedro Bay folks.  We are looking forward to meeting everyone (there was a potluck Tuesday night for us and the sub who is leaving --- but we didn't get to know everyone!)  Oh!Our apt. is GREAT!  It has 2 bedrooms and a large living area.  We have about 16 feet of windows on one wall that looks out to the beach.  The kitchen has lots of cabinets and a good pantry.  There's also a large store room by the kitchen.  The floors are wood laminate.  We are very happy to be here.  Our Alaskan adventure continues!

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