Saturday, September 11, 2010

Just Pics

These are pics I took yesterday.  After a week of rain we have enjoyed 3 days of sunshine.  The water is running off the mountains and you can hear it throughout the village.  The waterfall above our house was roaring yesterday!

Can you see the salmon?

We were about 100 feet away --- in the safey of the truck!
It seems that it's getting more difficult to find the bears.  Our record for one night is 7.  We haven't seen the Mama and her 2 cubs in over 2 weeks now.
A view of Rainbow Lodge, located here in Pedro Bay.
This is the old airstrip. Now it is part of the 3 mile loop around the village.  The Boy was at party on this road last week.  They were playing volleyball when they looked up and saw a bear coming to join them.  Everyone hopped on their 4-wheelers, screaming, "Bear!!!!" and went home.  That party ended rather early...

This is from the sandy beach on Lake Iliamna.  Have you heard about the Lake Iliamna Monster?

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