Monday, September 6, 2010

If today is a holiday, why am I working so hard?

Today is Labor Day and we are laboring.... We stayed away from school all weekend so I guess it's right that we have to do something today.

When I started the blog today I didn't think I had anything to write, so I decided to pull some pics from our trip this summer.  These pictures are from Amarillo.  This RV place was great.  It was incredibly clean, had pool, laundry rooms and it was really quiet.  BUT, the best part, is that it was super cheap.  I think we paid $20.00!!  They are on I-40 and they're on the west end of the city.  We just happened to drive out that far and found them.  We just got our member's card this week from them.  It's good for 20% off, I think.  Anyway, the owners were really putting out a plea for custormers.  Sooooo.... if you happen to drive your RV out that way..... stop at the Oasis.  They're great.

The picture of the Boy gives you an idea of what went on for miles and miles.  Really, for all the miles we drove, we couldn't be prouder of our Kids.  They are great travelers.

The last pic was taken as we entered into New Mexico.  I'm trying to remember the heat and dryness but it has been wet, wet, wet here in Pedro Bay.  The temps have been mid-50s with a lot of fog.

We went to a wedding on Saturday.  It was good to get out and visit with community members.  The ceremony was very touching and the food was great.  I sure was tired by the time we got home that evening.  The former pastor married the young couple and then he also preached on Sunday morning.  We enjoyed going to church with our neighbors.

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