Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just stuff

Perryville, AK Russian Orthodox Church

After my walk home.

We have gorgeous sunsets nearly every evening.

We got to the beach one day while Hannah was home.

Hannah left, I cried, Dad was stoic.

He's not quite as tall  ---- YET!

We started class last Tuesday --- Jan. 11.  We've had masking every night since then -- It's part of the Russian Orthodox tradition.  They wear masks and dance till really late.  Russian New Year was one night with bells and fireworks, too.  Anyway, I'm not so sure how much learning has taken place yet.  Everyone is so tired. 

We are busy with testing for AIMSWEB --- the results let us monitor kid's learning on a very close schedule.  The weather has been lousy --- rain - not snow!  However, it did snow about 8 inches over the weekend and the Mister went skiing on the beach.  Cross-country.  Yes, we brought the skis even though former teachers told us we wouldn't have enough snow.    Oh!  there are boats here in Perryville this week and they are crab fishing!!!  We are hoping to get some before they leave.

We are out of eggs and are anxiously waiting on our shipment from OK.  If you haven't used powered eggs --- Honeyville Farms puts out a good product.  Of course, they won't ship to Alaska so I have the Wilburton folks ship them on up to us.  You wouldn't want to scramble them but we use them in cooking all the time.  I'm bringing 5 dozen fresh eggs back from Anchorage next month if I have to hold them in my lap all the way!

We got our SpanAlaska shipment in this week ---- all attitudes have improved!  Wal-Mart won't ship pop during the winter or mayonaise, for that matter.  It had been 2 months since I'd had a Dr. Pepper.  My, oh my.  Some things are just good.  :)

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