Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Less than 60 Days 'till Christmas!

Yep... the countdown is on!  The girl will be coming home for Christmas after all!  I was really beginning to wonder how we could get it worked out.  I had always reassured people that she was just a day away from us but now we have come to realize that in all likelihood, she is two days away.  At least she will be when we move to Perryville.  You can't hardly fly from one place to the other without spending the night in Anchorage.  Bummer.

For those who care and might want to come see us or visit Sitka:  A round-trip ticket from Anchorage to Sitka was $441 and from Anchorage to Perryville was $804.  Luckily Alaska Air was giving 3 miles on the dollar!  We were able to use miles for the Perryville flight. 

Point of interest:  Alaska Airlines offers a mileage plan through VISA that anyone who is moving to Alaska or thinking about visiting more than once should think about getting.  We put EVERYTHING through that card.  The mileage adds up quick and it sure makes travel a lot easier when you can use your cash someplace else.  AND, you get a companion ticket for $99, too.  Check it out at:  http://www.alaskaair.com/

The Mister called this morning from Port Alsworth.  The team played last night and won their game.  They say they are having a great time. 

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