Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It happens just like that...

We knew when we came to Pedro Bay in August that there was a chance the school could close before the end of the year.  This week, we came to that spot in time where the decision was made for us.  At last word, we were told that the school will in fact close down.  Our timeline is still sketchy but it looks like November 19 will be our last day of classes.  The district will charter a plane for us and our belongings soon after that --- probably the 20th.

We will be moving to Perryville.  It is at the southern-most tip of our district.  The village runs about 100 during the winter months and drops to around 15 during the summer.  Most people go to Chignik to the canneries or they fish for themselves. 

Perryville is beautiful we have been told.  The pictures certainly are.  There aren't any trees but there are mountains and even an active volcano.  The village faces the Pacific Ocean and has a 3mile stretch of black sand.  The teachers there have caught salmon and halibut on the beach --- however, the teacher who told the Mister this, says he doesn't go to the beach without his rifle and bear spray!

The Mister will be the 1-3 grade teacher and I will be his aide.  We are hoping that next year we can both be teachers.  There are 2 other teachers there now.  It will be good to have the company.

The Boy has enjoyed his time here at Pedro Bay.  He has been able to play volleyball and will even get to travel with the team to the volleyball Jamboree next week in Port Alsworth.  He has made friends with all the kids and seems to like the discussions they have in class.  He has also started learning to play the piano.

The Girl called us yesterday.  She had written songs as an assignment for choir.  She said the kids all really liked her songs and the whole choir is going to learn one of them.  Apparently, she is going to sing another one that she wrote for graduation.  She is really enjoying choir this year.

The grandparents are back in Oklahoma after spending 2 weeks in Sitka with the Girl.  It sounds like they all had a great time.  Plans are already being laid for the next round of visits!

We are out of school this week for teacher in-service.  The Boy and I are home.  The Mister has flown to King Salmon.  The Boy and I are catching up on video time and cooking.  I'm trying to learn how to play on the playstation II but he doesn't have much hope for me!  The volleyball team is practicing every afternoon and I'm packing things away in my classroom.  The next month will fly by, I'm sure.

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