Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Back at School Notes

Okay, we've been back in the village for a couple of weeks and I'm beginning to be able to see things a bit more clearly now.  Here's a brief account of our summer:

We left the village on May 19 and flew to Anchorage.  We picked up the truck and fifth wheel.  The first two weeks were spent making visits to new doctors and dentists.  It had finally dawned on us that we had to move our medical life to Alaska.  For four years we had always gone back to OK but this year we had decided to stay in AK.

Then we spent a month in Valdez.  That city is absolutely gorgeous.  We love it there.  The boy celebrated his 13th birthday while we waited for the grandparents to arrive from OK.  They made it in around the first of July and camped with us for about a month.

We moved to Homer in July and also visited Soldotna.  Homer is another place that we really enjoyed staying at for a while.  The end of July took us to Danali National Park --- Mt. McKinley.

We were back in Anchorage by the first of August and spent several days buying supplies for the year.  We spent way too much but since it looks like we will be in the village for the entire year, I was bound and determined to have something "different" to eat and clothes to wear.  It is cheapest to order by the case when you're sending out to the bush --- but you can only stand so many "cases" of a certain flavor and then you just want something different.  Anyway, when we got home we had a LOT to put away.  Thank goodness we have the apartment with a walk-in pantry and 2 large closets!  Now if I can just remember where we've put it all --- sometimes dinner is like a scavenger hunt!

The boys have been fishing after school down on the beach.  So far, no halibut.  I'm really, really hoping that they catch some this fall.  Meat is so expensive to fly in and fish in the freezer would really help out. Of course, I can't wait 'til spring and the crab boats will be here.  :)  The other teacher caught 2 silvers (salmon) on Sunday night.  One was 31" and the other 36".  He caught a flounder, too.

I have 10 kids in class so far.  One is still at fish camp and will return next week or so.  Today I have 1 out sick and I out for unknown reasons and 3 have gone visiting to another village.  Sometimes parents don't think to well when planning for their children.... How can they learn to read if they're not here?
Btw, that's 6 second and third graders and 5 kindergartners.

I am taking 2 college classes this semester and the Mister is, too.  He is working on his principal certificate.  I can't start one of my classes without the book.  I ordered it last week from Anchorage but the post office hasn't been open since Friday.  There's been a death in the village and now it's anyone's guess as to when we will get mail again.  Over 500 pounds came in Monday on the plane but we can't get it. Sure do need it.

The Boy is 13 and in 9th grade this year.  He seems to like it well enough.  The kids made him parliamentarian for student government.

The Girl is 15 and a junior at school in Sitka.  It's a boarding school.  Her roommate this year is a foreign exchange student from China.  She seems to be enjoying it but has said it is a little overwhelming.  She had a really easy year last so this year's class line-up is a bit more challenging.  She will take both geometry and algebra 2 this year as well as Chinese, US History and a Pacific Rim course, journalism and English 3.  I can't remember what else.

Well, this catches you up somewhat on the lives of 4 Okies in Alaska.  It has become our life and feels normal to us now.  If there is something you would like to know --- write a comment.  I'll write you an answer as soon as I see it.

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  1. So good to hear about your lives. Makes me feel closer to you. Love, Aunt Linda