Tuesday, February 1, 2011


We were in the last hour of school.  We were making a story map.  Everyone was anxious for the last bell because Tuesday's are "Afternoons of Fun!"  Then it happened.  About 3:40 the room began to shake.  At first the Mister and I thought the big kids must have been running in the hall; but, nooooooo..... about the time we figured out that the earth was grumbling..... the building swayed....it probably lasted about 15 seconds.  And THEN, about 30 seconds after that.... our students began to cry.  They tumbled like dominoes ---- first one and then they just fell right in order down the row of desks!  Had we not been scared to death ourselves, it would have been hilarious.

The village president came in shortly afterward and checked on everyone.  He looked it up online and it was a 5.9 and it happened down close to Sand Point.  There was no warning and no tsunami was expected.

So..... now I have news from Perryville.  And here we've been telling all our friends and family, "Oh, I really don't know anything...."  Hmmmmm.

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