Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Catching up

Blogging sounded like a lot of fun when we left Oklahoma 3 years ago. I thought our adventures would be something our friends would enjoy reading and it would help keep us all connected in some way. Blogging is difficult. What seems like it would be tremendously interesting to "outsiders" (that's what Alaskans call everyone who lives "outside" the Alaskan border) always sounds boring to me and after a while, everything becomes mundane and I can't imagine anyone really wanting to read my jabbering.

I've decided to pick up writing again. It may or may not be earth shattering news but it will help me keep up with my life. I have had to abandon my former blog: four2alaska.blogspot.com due to password issues. It's still up --- I suppose things that we post on the internet will always be up.... I don't see any reason to try and take it down.

This blog should help you catch up with us.

Last May, (2010), we left Akula (Kasigluk), Alaska after working there for three years. We were sad to move but circumstances just wouldn't let us stay. We flew to Anchorage on May 21 and on the 25 we drove west to Tok. The drive out the Alaskan highway was absolutely gorgeous. We drove through Edmonton and Calgary, then into the US and we came through WY, MT, NB, KS and down to OK. We spent the month of June in Wilburton. We camped out at Robber's Cave State Park and visited with Grandma and PaPa. Doctor and dentist appointments were met. We spent July 4 in southeast OK and on the 5, we drove to OKC. After a week with the relatives there we were on our way west.

We drove I-40 out to Amarillo and then on to the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest. We saw the Grand Canyon. We drove on to Vegas --- drove our 37' fifth wheel down the strip and saw the fountains at the Bellagio! Reno was our next destination --- on the way we had 119 degrees ---- that was HOT! We left the desert and set out across California. Did you know that the roads with yellow highlighter don't mean "better" but rather, "scenic"? We do..... now. Anyway, we did see some beautiful Pondersosa Pines. We made it to Red Bluff just south of Redding and then we took another "scenic" drive to the coast.

That was yesterday. My kids went wild when they saw the water. They say it has been the best part of the trip. They love the beaches --- even though it's freezing. We all say the 60 degree weather is fine with us!

Today we drove north on 101. It follows the coast all the way up to Canada. We got just across the CA/OR border and a fatal accident had set a wildfire on both sides of the highway. We had to turn around and drive south to Brookings. Hopefully we will drive north again in the morning.

The future: We have to be in Anchorage by Aug. 2. I've messed up my knee so I need to see a doctor before we go out to the village. The Mister has meetings starting on Aug. 5. We are going to Pedro Bay. It's on Lake Iliamna. Everyone tells us it is really pretty there. It's a very small school ----- more on that later.

Okay.... so a new blog.... a new school year.... a new start.....

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